Software Engineer. Dabbles in poker, sports analytics, chess…

Quixotic though it may sound, I hope to use technology to make the world a better place.


  • BA in Computer Science, UC Berkeley (2016-2020)


  • SWE, Google Cloud (Feb 2022 - Now)
    • Chronicle enterprise SIEM. Automated onboarding pipelines.
    • Full stack work for a feature currently deployed to Google Cloud Console.
    • Backend and Infrastructure for Cloud Billing Compliance.
  • SWE, Turing Video (Feb 2021 - Feb 2022)
    • Worked on the Turing Vision product, a cloud Security as a Service product.
    • Mainly worked on Django backend, and IoT interfacing with backend.
  • SWE, World Tree Technologies (April 2020 - November 2020)
    • Built internal tools and infrastructure for traders and risk managers
    • Built and maintained ETL pipelines and Django models for management of financial instruments.
    • Stack: Django, AWS, Python, React, Airflow
  • SWE Intern, Keysight Technologies (May 2019 - August 2019)
    • Worked on applying convolutional neural networks to the task of modulation recognition.


  • Poker Analytics Engine (June 2020 - Present)
    • Web application that provides real time data for online poker rooms.
    • Predictive analytics allows users to better understand the dynamics of online games.
    • Django backend, Javascript+HTML+CSS frontend, Postgres for DB, Tesseract for OCR.
    • Github, with live link!