Zeo Capital Advisors, LLC, Trade Operations and Systems Architect

Culture for growth, inclusive for perspective.

What is Zeo?

  • “Zeo Capital Advisors is a fixed income investment manager who aims to deliver low volatility, risk-managed solutions for the prudent investor.”

Who is Venk?

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Opportunity for impact

  • Portfolio management
  • Sales and business development
  • Strong emphasis on technology and values proactive efforts to design automates solutions to manual problems.
  • As the form looks to grow into new business opportunities, this role will be instrumental in helping to research, prototype and launch all manner of products and services, from new investment funds to software and services which add value to our growing base of clients.
  • Interests in both investment management and the development and use of technology in finance to operate, innovate and grow a financial services business.


  • Trading and Portfolio management support
    • Processing trading activity and maintaining order blotter
    • Monitoring and reconciling daily transactions, positions and cash balances
    • Maintaining accurate position records, including anticipated cashflows
    • Optimizing trade operations processes
    • Working with portfolio managers to derive insights from portfolio data
  • Systems Infrastructure and Innovation
    • Automating trading support tasks
    • Assisting in the automation of other operational aspects of the business (e.g. sales/marketing, compliance, etc.)
    • Assisting in the identification and/or design of innovative technology solutions to improve firm operational capabilities
  • Sales and Business Development
    • Supporting sales/marketing in aggregating, organizing and deriving insights from client data
    • Supporting research efforts to evaluate opportunities for business growth across all types of products and services
    • Assisting in the detailed mechanics of launching new products and services


  • Bachelor’s degree, check
  • 0-3 years of experience, check
  • Demonstratable coding experience (familiarity with Microsoft’s .NET platform is preferable, experience building tactical automated solutions), kinda
  • Strong math ability (statistical methods such as factor analysis), check
  • Organized and detail oriented, kinda
  • Flexible, humble, with a willingness to learn and ability to switch gears quickly, maybe
  • Early riser and able to begin the work day at 5:30am, oh boy.


  • Why the .Net framework?
    • My guess is legacy.
    • Seems like a nice framework.
    • Mono vs. .NET?

The Call

  • User constraints
    • Automation
    • Build tools
    • Data ninja
    • How to use the data and other insights
  • License data from Morningstar
    • How to leverage the data
    • Managing portfolios
  • Help build software
  • Contracted a guy from Texas, 1 year
    • Need to fix his software
  • Licensed another data source
    • Dashboarding and derive insight
  • Business development aspect of it
  • Joining Venk and New Compliance Manager
    • Regulatory side of the
    • Cybersecurity program
      • Need someone in house
  • Interest in personal growth
    • Focus on folks that are lifelong learners
  • Main infrastructure guy
  • Venk is software architect by hobby
    • Constantly excited about
  • Annie Duke: Thinking in bets
    • Life is poker not chess, imperfect information

Takeaways from phone call

  • Need someone in house to do cybersecurity
  • Need to update a codebase

The Culture

  • Lifelong learners

TODO Before the Interview

  • Finance terminology

Finance terminology

  • Credit Analyst
    • What the heck is credit?

The People

  • Venk Reddy: Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer
    • Education:
  • Paige Uher: Director Investor Relations
  • Marcus Moore, CPA.
    • UCLA
  • Blair Brennan, Sales and Marketing Associate
  • Seth Karpel, Junior Credit Analyst
    • Technology guy
    • Seniority: Joined in 2018
    • 2018-2019: Trade Operations and Systems Analyst
    • 2019-Present: Jr. Credit Analyst
    • “He works with the investment team to optimize Zeo’s operational, trading and portfolio management infrastructures and processes through technologically-driven solutions.”
    • Education: Double major CS and Math, Washington University in St. Louis
    • Analytics, Data Science, Minor in Ancient Studies
    • Studied abroad in UCL for one semester
  • Phillip Tran, Trade Operations and Systems Analyst
    • He has the job that I am interviewing for
    • Seniority: Joined in June 2017
    • Does not seem like a quantitative/technical guy…? Interested about why he is in this position.

    • UC Berkeley Haas
  • Idil Uralli: Business Operations Manager
    • Seniority: Joined in 2011

1st Visit: 2/6/2020. Post visit thoughts.

What did I learn? What did they learn about me?

  • Why did I NP two classes
  • Why did I get a C.

  • That is a good question
  • “The pay is good over time”
  • They don’t really test me on my technical skills
  • Seth Lives in SF, Marcus lives in East Bay somewhere
  • Paige is cool.
    • Borrowed her pen
    • 200 Clients, 1000 line items, front end type stff
    • Blair
    • Excel Macros, updating on a monthly basis
    • Multiple data providers, can they speak to one another
    • Can they talk to one another, we want to craft a good solution.
  • Firm level
    • 9 different characters
    • Open trading floor
    • Open setting
    • Natural Banter
  • Coach players
    • Not much growth beyond that
    • Compliance person starts on Monday
  • Systems automation
    • Seth -> Credit Analyst
  • Expectation, people w/ high ceilings
    • Genuine curiousity
  • Lifestyle change
    • Market facing roles
    • Doing the job, has weekend
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