Poker Goals


  • Started poker May 22nd, 2019, my 21st birthday.
    • Got torched twice at my dad’s home game.
  • Started playing on Ignition Casino
    • Burned many a Buy in
  • Started reading “Harrington on Cash Games”
    • Started reading Mike Matteo’s “Fundamentals of Playing online Texas Hold ‘em”
    • Texas Hold ‘em for Dummies
    • “The mental game of poker”
  • Purchased and installed Poker Tracker 4
  • Currently grinding at 0.02/0.05 microstakes as of Febuary 3rd, 2020.

Game Plan

  • Goal: Side income. $10,000 USD/Year.
    • Time frame: Within 2 Years.
    • Will need to transition to $1/3 Live games.
    • Very ambitious, and $10,000 is not a life changing amount of money.
  • Action: How to get there?
    • Ignition 2/5NL Zone is probably not where I should be.
    • Be more disciplined with bankroll management

Progress (Statistics)

  • Graph of time spent playing
  • Overall money trend

Is it worth it?

  • Poker is not scaleable, and has extremely high variance.
  • Anything more than a ~$10,000
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